Pico Laser

Seamless Glow-Up for the Face & Skin

What is Pico Laser Treatment?

Pico laser technology is a US FDA-approved, non-invasive laser skin treatment that safely delivers noticeable and lasting results with minimal downtime, and can be used across the entire face and body. It is suitable for most skin types, customisable, and generally well-tolerated by patients.


Unwanted Tattoos

Acne Scars

Skin Rejuventaion

Woman’s face with pico laser treatment

Unveil your inner glow with Pico laser treatment.

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How Does Pico Laser Work?

Target Pigmented Lesions and Unwanted Tattoos

Pico laser technology employs the use of ultra-short pulses of energy to target pigmented lesions and tattoos. The laser breaks down the targeted pigments or particles, which are then naturally eliminated by the body.

Quick & Efficient

Unlike nanosecond pulses, Pico laser operates with ultrashort picosecond laser pulses. The pulse duration of a Picosecond Laser is 100 times shorter, enabling more shots to be delivered in the same time and maximising its efficiency.

Safe & Gentle

Despite the highly concentrated pulses of energy, the laser's impact is gentle on the outer layer of the skin. Pico laser treatments do not induce skin burns, and patients typically experience minimal to no discomfort during their treatment.

Benefits of pico laser treatment to woman's face

Benefits of Pico Laser


Safe & Versatile

Pico laser treatments are highly targeted and customised, so they can be safely applied to any area of the face and body among eligible patients.


Comfortable Treatment

Pico laser treatments are well-tolerated. You may experience some slight, temporary discomfort, but it is manageable. Do let your doctor know so he or she can adjust accordingly.


Minimal Downtime

Pico laser has very few side effects. Some may experience redness and swelling, but this should subside within a few hours. Patients can usually go about their day immediately.


Short Treatment Sessions

Pico laser treatments only take between 5 to 30 minutes per session. This will, however, depend on the extent of the area being treated and so on.

Please note that individual results will vary and it is important to consult a qualified aesthetic doctor to better understand if Pico laser treatment is right for you.

If you have an unwanted tattoo, signs of ageing or skin blemishes, Pico laser treatments can provide a smooth, radiant, and clear complexion with ease.

Consult Dr Vanessa Phua, our aesthetic physician, at 6735 8833 today for a personalised plan.

The Treatment Process

Before you begin treatment, your doctor will review your treatment plan and goals. This involves a detailed assessment of your skin’s condition and the specific areas you are concerned about, as well as details about your skincare history. In preparation of the treatment, you may be required to avoid taking retinoids and excessive sun exposure or extreme heat a few days.


Pico Laser for Pigmentation

Pico lasers can be adjusted to produce a range of wavelengths and are fitted with a variety of applicators to target and remove superficial pigmentation selectively.


Pico Laser for Acne Scars

The laser creates thermal injury on a targeted area, triggering the body’s natural healing process. This stimulates collagen production, which facilitates the repair and remodelling of the skin.


Pico Laser for Tattoo Removal

Using different wavelengths, it is possible to eliminate specific ink colours, including those traditionally challenging to remove, such as red, yellow, and orange.

Types of Pico Laser Treatment

Pico Enlighten™

The Enlighten™ laser system combines three wavelengths (532, 1064, and 670nm) and dual pulse durations (2ns and 660/750ps) to address various skin concerns, including:

Pigmentation and Lesions

Acne Scars


Unwanted Tattoos

Enlighten™ Pico's dual pulse functionality provides precise pigment targeting, reduces thermal impact, and widens the range of treatable conditions. Its approach involves longer nanosecond pulses for deeper-seated pigments and shorter picosecond pulses for superficial pigments, minimising heat and the risk of tissue damage.

Pico Genesis™

Pico Genesis™, a component of the Enlighten™ laser system, employs ultra-short pulses of energy without heat to tackle various skin concerns, such as:


Skin Texture Concerns

Scars and Moles

Sun damage

Unwanted Tattoos

The Pico Genesis laser utilises ultra-short pulses of two light wavelengths to shatter pigment within the skin for treating tattoos and pigmented lesions. Additionally, it targets the deep layers of skin tissue to stimulate collagen production, thereby reducing wrinkles and fine lines. These processes lead to tissue remodelling and enhance skin texture, clarity, and tone.


PicoSure® uses ultra-short pulses of light across multiple wavelengths (532nm, 755nm, and 1064nm) to pinpoint specific pigments and ink colours. The 755nm wavelength effectively targets black, blue, and green tattoo inks, while the optional 532nm wavelength provides efficient treatment for "sunset colours" — red, yellow, and orange — which are typically challenging to correct.

PicoSure® also incorporates Focus Lens technology, converting laser energy into gentle pressure waves that stimulate collagen production. This feature expands its effectiveness to address a broader spectrum of skin concerns, including:


Unwanted Tattoos

Skin Texture Concerns

Acne Scars

Uneven Skin Tone

Our clinic is equipped with a variety of Pico lasers to address all your aesthetic concerns.

Make an appointment with Dr Phua today at 6735 8833 to find what’s right for you.

FAQs about Pico Laser

Patients have described this treatment as painless and manageable, likening the sensation to a small rubber band snapping against their skin.

After Pico laser treatment, most patients experience mild and temporary side effects, such as redness, slight flaking and minor swelling. Most patients go back to their daily lives right after the treatment.

Patients are advised to avoid rubbing and scratching their skin, avoid wearing make-up, as well as keep one’s skin moisturised and clean.

No downtime is required. However, you may be asked to refrain from using products containing retinoids for a few days and keep your skin out of direct sunlight.

Pigmentation, once removed, will not reappear. However, new pigmentation can emerge due to factors like natural ageing, sun exposure, and hormonal changes (particularly in women).

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